Climate in Kerala

Kerala is bestowed with a pleasant and equable climate through out the year.Pleasant and equable climate of Kerala attracts a number of tourists each year. Winter and summer are the peak tourist seasons in Kerala.
Winter Season in Kerala:
Winter in Kerala starts with the end of the northeast monsoons i.e. from the later part of November lasting till the middle of February. During this season temperature is comparatively low but as mentioned earlier it does not vary much from other seasons.
Summer Season in Kerala:
Towards the end of February temperature starts climbing and this marks the beginning of summer in Kerala. Relatively higher temperature, low rainfall and slightly humid weather are the characteristics of the summer season in Kerala.
South West Monsoon in Kerala:
Southwest monsoon is the main rainy season in Kerala. This season ( Edavappathi – as the rains starts by the middle of the Malayalam month Edavam ) begins by the end of May or early June with the outset of the southwest monsoon winds.
North East Monsoon in Kerala:
Also known as the Retreating Monsoon or the Reverse monsoons, northeast monsoon hits Kerala during the return of the southwest monsoon winds. These rains are in the months of October and November and sometimes lasts till December.